Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Green Hornet

I was inspired to do another great masked hero, so here is a very lime green Green Hornet. Hopefully Seth Rogen makes him cool again. 2010 is a long time from now!

Counter Attack to the Spirit

Hey buddy! So the blog is now titled "Versus JeremyS", with that S at the end. It's a good thing we didn't have any subscribers, or else they would've felt inconvenient-ed. Anyways, here's my response to the Spirit. I heard it was a pretty awful movie.
In honor of the Spirit coming out this week.

Counter Attack to Leno

Man this guy has a large face.

Jay Leno

I've been watching a lot of Jay Leno, and news recently came in that he's still going to be NBC on an earlier time slot. Sorry for the vacation man.

Counter Attack to Valentine

Ahh, sorry it's been so long. Here's my counter attack!

Jill Valentine

So since we're doing chicks, I thought I'd do someone from a horror story in honor of HAlloween. Who better than the sexy zombie killing heroine Jill VAlentine of Resident Evil. This is the second drawing I've done of her on account that I wasn't pleased with my first pic. It just didn't give her enough sex appeal. So I did another one, and it came out much better. My challenge to you. Enjoy.
P.S. Looking forward to hanging with you and Tanner this weekend. Also wanted to remind you to bring the second part of new fontier.

Counter Attack to Juno

Great choice. I loved both the movie and the character. I've been a fan of Ellen Paige back when i saw her as shadowcat. HAd lots of fun drawing her. The pipe is a personally touch from the movie.


I had a goal to choose a girl for this week, since it has been all males til now. I want to see how you handle females, and here is Ellen Paige's famous character Juno. It was interesting that i chose Juno after the week of Jinno, because they have similar names. Funny how that works out huh? So I will be at APE-Con come November 1 and 2, and I will probably be in the Bay Area Halloween night as well.

Counter Attack to Jino

Ah, what a great choice this week. I haven't seen Afro Samurai still, but Jinno is an ultra cool character man! Great design, even if i don't understand it. Why the bear mask? It jus tlooks rad i guess.


Jinnosuke, or Jino as they call him, was at one time was best friends with the afro samurai. They grew up in the same dojo, and thought of each other as brothers. Now Jinno seeks to kill Afro for all the pain and anguish he's caused him. If you wanna know that back story you're gonna have to watch the movie. MY challenge to you for this week enjoy.

Counter Attack to Stan Lee

My counter attack to your Stan Lee. His face was surprisingly easy to illustrate. I actually did it the moment after you posted it. I had just finished watching heroes that night and I was psyched about this weeks challenge.

Stan Lee

I'm drawing a comic with Stan Lee in it, and I needed the practice drawing him. I think I've got him down.

Now, let's see how you fare with drawing old people. You can do research, you can draw him any style, whatever your take on the guy is. See ya next week!
Man, this character was a pain to draw! i just couldn't get the beak right.

Man, i am actually having a whole lot of fun with these. They don't take too much time away from my comic works and school stuff either. And i can tell you are having a blast too, Jeremy! Looks great, and this one was a real challenge cause i never draw furry-type stuff ever.


(Insert Picture)

As you know falco is my best character in Smash Bros. melee. Thought I'd give him a shot as my first challenge to you. Sorry it took me so long to get it up. I was having computer problems. Tell me what you think.

Counter Attack to Hiro Nakamura

(Insert Picture)

Five Years later was one of my favorite episodes from season one. Future Hiro was badass. This is my version of him. Hope you like.

Hiro Nakamura

Versus Jeremy(s) debuts today! This blog is dedicated to the betterment of our friend Jeremy who is perfecting his craft day by day. Our goal is to present him challenges in pin-up drawing and illustration. Each week, our team of artists submit an illustration of a comicbook, movie, or well-known character to the blog. The next week, Jeremy is to dazzle us with his skills with his own creation of the same character in his own amateur style. In the same week he draws a new character to challenge the artists, and the battle rages weekward.

This week is one of my favorite heroes on Heroes, Hiro. The new season debuts on Monday and i found it very fitting to start his blog off with the Sulu of this generation. Some of my favorite asian comic book creators like Derek Kirk Kim look up to George Takei because he was one of very few Asian actors on television. Masi Oka is that man for me, and I hope he goes on to achieve more for the Asian community.

Jeremy, where art thou art?? kick some ass dude.
-Jeremy (Nguyen)


The last blogger we made called "Versus Jeremy" had a huge error to it. There was no way to fix it, so we just made a new blogger. Hey, it's free! so why not? Here we'll repost all of the drawings, and have the battle of a lifetime. Enjoy!