Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hiro Nakamura

Versus Jeremy(s) debuts today! This blog is dedicated to the betterment of our friend Jeremy who is perfecting his craft day by day. Our goal is to present him challenges in pin-up drawing and illustration. Each week, our team of artists submit an illustration of a comicbook, movie, or well-known character to the blog. The next week, Jeremy is to dazzle us with his skills with his own creation of the same character in his own amateur style. In the same week he draws a new character to challenge the artists, and the battle rages weekward.

This week is one of my favorite heroes on Heroes, Hiro. The new season debuts on Monday and i found it very fitting to start his blog off with the Sulu of this generation. Some of my favorite asian comic book creators like Derek Kirk Kim look up to George Takei because he was one of very few Asian actors on television. Masi Oka is that man for me, and I hope he goes on to achieve more for the Asian community.

Jeremy, where art thou art?? kick some ass dude.
-Jeremy (Nguyen)

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